SaiMail Terms of Service

Welcome to SaiMail!

1. Overview and Purpose

1.1 SaiMail is a free email service, hosted on Google servers, monitored and maintained by a non-profit organization, Saiseekers Association of America. SaiMail is built on top of Google Apps infrastructure, and Google terms specified through apply to all SaiMail users.

1.2 SaiMail is designed to be used as a hub and a primary conduit to share one’s emotions towards Saibaba.

1.3 The information communicated to all SaiMail users includes (but is not limited to) - updates to the ever growing encyclopedia of Saibaba (, Saibaba Satsang celebrations worldwide, Saibaba Newsletters and other relevant notices. SaiMail users will not be able to opt out of receiving them.

1.4 SailMail can at any time request additional personal data from the existing SaiMail Account users to fulfill statutory or organizational requirements.

1.5 SailMail has the right to reserve some IDs for its internal use.

2. Violations of Purpose

2.1 SaiMail accounts used for commercial purposes or for monetary gains in the name of Saibaba.

2.2 Any spam messages that are not of common interest to all SaiMail users including chain-letters, mass mails to promote products or schemes etc.

2.3 Generic SaiMail IDs (such as used for a purpose for which they have not been created.

3. Suspension of SaiMail account

3.1 Saimail mail account will be suspended at our own discretion in case of usage of derogatory remarks about fellow Sai devotees, which affect the harmony of Saipatham and harm its members.

4. Account Inactivity

4.1 SaiMail will terminate your account in accordance with the terms of service if you fail to login to your account for a period of 9 months.

4.2 SaiMail reserves the right to disable or delete any SaiMail account without prior notice in case of any of the above violations.